Dr. Curtis Connors

Dr. Curtis Connors

Dr .Curits Connors is a kind and ingenius scientist from The Spectacular Spider-Man. He is played by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in The Spectacular Spider-ManEdit

Dr. Connors's arm was gone, so he decided to create a serum to regrow it, like reptiles can. When he finished, he tested it on himself, and . . . it worked! Dr. Connors's arm grow back, but soon he turned into a vicious lizard-like creature and lost control of his body to it. The next thing he knew, he was back to normal. As it turned out, Spider-Man had learned about the Lizard and had used the serum again to change him back to normal. Dr. Connors now helps Peter Parker, but tries not to get stressed. If he does, he will become the Lizard again.

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